40 Days To Go…

The final wait is on. After working 2 jobs during my grade 12 year to achieve this trip, it’s happening! Plane ticket and travel insurance have been purchased, working visa application has been sent off, bedroom has been packed up. There isn’t much left for me to do during these next 40 days but wait. October 30th, 2011, the day my life will change. Heading off on my own to explore another corner of the world! I can already feel the adrenaline rushing through my system just thinking about it! Oh, the adventures I will have! :)

As excited as I am, I was mildly disappointed that I will miss Halloween. COMPLETELY. October 31st, 2011 will appear to never have happened in my life!! I will be flying from Vancouver to Los Angeles, and then departing from L.A. at 11PM on October 30th, I will be landing in Auckland, New Zealand on November 1st, after only 13 hours of flight! Bizarre!!! I suppose Halloween isn’t widely celebrated in New Zealand anyway, I just love all the candy and pumpkin carving! I’ll have to make a Jack-o-Lantern before I head off on my journey.

It’s difficult to sit still when I think about how fast these next few weeks will go, so thrilling, yet I know the goodbyes won’t be easy. They never are. Although I have moved around a few times, saying goodbye to people I love has never been easy. Even when I moved I was still with my family, this time they’ll be waving me off too. Thank goodness there is Internet these days! So many great ways to keep in touch with everyone; Facebook, Skype, even this blog! It won’t be so bad.

These next 40 days will feel long, yet at the same time they will go by so fast! I’ll be spending my last few weeks working to earn more money for New Zealand, spending time with my family since I’ll be without them for a year, and getting into as many shenanigans as possible with my friends! As excited as I am for this trip, I plan to savour these last days in Canada, after all, I only have 40 left. As the clock ticks soon that 40 will turn to 39,38,37…0. Then I’ll be gone.

Countdown to Departure! 

And She's Gone

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