Today, I Drowned Money.

Would you look at that!? Water resistant money. How nifty!

While out to lunch with a friend today, I got a phone call from the bank- My New Zealand money was in! I had to order it in because it is not a regular currency traded for at my bank. Three business days after placing my order I obtained $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills from the lovely country I am heading off to in 32 days! I was ecstatic! Although the bills were fairly similar to Canadian ones, there were definite differences that made the so much more fun! Mostly the fact that I could put them under water.

Of course, I had to try it out! After all, if you’re going to make waterproof money, expect people to test it! So easily amused as I dunked the bills under the water time after time, then lifted them out to see if there was any change in them. Nothing. They dried off so quickly that when my brother walked into the kitchen as I was dumping out the water he picked up one of the bills and would never have known it had been dunked, had I not said a word. It was pretty awesome.

Canada is phasing in new Bills made from the same [polymer] material as the New Zealand dollar. It’s more durable and more difficult to counterfeit, so that’s good! I was just excited to get it before Canada, it seems more interesting when most of the people around you haven’t seen anything like it. I enjoyed showing off my new bills today. I especially enjoyed pointing out the size difference between the bills.

The New Zealand dollar bills change in size depending on the amount the bill is. The larger the amount, the bigger the bill. $5’s are the smallest, then $10’s, the the $20’s. I did not receive and $50 or $100 bills, but I am going to assume the pattern continues. I enjoyed lining them up to compare the difference. Just the smallest little things fascinate me.

One more thing that I enjoyed were the two spots on each bill that you could see through. It wasn’t clear to really see anything through them, but it was almost a frosted plastic idea. A foggy window on each bill. One in the shape of an oval, the other in the shape of a fern. Inside the oval is the number of dollars the bill is.


I look at how intrigued I am by this money, and I realize I am going to live in New Zealand for a year and have my mind blown every day. Every day I hope to learn something new, even the smallest things will amaze me. I can’t wait!

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