Walk Turns to Run.

Well, the date is drawing nearer! Less than 2 weeks to go before my departure. As much as I hate to admit it, the nerves are starting to kick in. I suppose I can be nervous though, after all I am about to head off on my own for the first time, I just had to choose the farthest away destination. It’s exciting too though! VERY exciting! I got my Working Holiday Visa last week. It was approved in approximately 2 weeks. I could be out of here already, but then I would have had to say my goodbyes sooner than I have to now. I’m not a fan of goodbyes, but I suppose they are inevitable.

When I got my passport back with my visa inserted, I was also sent a welcome package. In this package I got an information packet with pre-departure information, a bus pass to get me from the airport to my hostel, a hostel voucher for my first 2 night’s accommodation, a map of hostels in the country, my plane ticket, as well as some other information on New Zealand. I have read every word from the package, numerous times. I’m still waiting for it to hit me that  am actually leaving. It still feels as far away as it did a month ago, just a far off dream. Soon enough though I’ll be on that plane, then in New Zealand. If it doesn’t hit me at the good-byes, I’m sure it will when I am standing in the streets of another country, on my own.

My days have been fully scheduled. Between work and trying to make sure I see all of my friends before I leave I haven’t had much time of my own. The coming days are just busier and busier. I don’t mind though. May as well go all out for my last weeks here! My last day at work is on the 26th, this will give me a few days for more goodbyes and time to spend with my family.

My list of things to see and do while I am off on my adventure continues to grow, the most recent addition was the Wild Foods Festival in March. I have never really thought about trying worm sushi or wasp larvae ice-cream, but apparently it is served so I may as well give it a try! Just to say I did. I will post up my to-do list soon, then as I accomplish each thing I will write about it! It’s a fairly long list, so I hope yo’re ready to do a lot of reading.

As my days in Canada are drawing to a close things are really starting to pick up pace. I thought I should pop in and say a few words, so there you go!

The countdown continues.

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