The Packing Game.

What to pack, what to pack?! A year is a long time, and a backpack isn’t all that big. How do you pack to live for an entire year- especially when you have no clue what your life will include? Well, it involves a lot of packing and unpacking. I packed at least six times. Mostly out of excitement, I just pretended it was part of the preparation process.

I packed up the rest of my room long before I packed up for my trip. My parents decided they wanted to take over my room, so everything I own is either boxed up in the basement, or in my backpack. It surprised me how little I missed the 12 boxes of things that have been away for the past couple months. It’s a lot easier to live with less than I thought it would be. Tomorrow I will spend a year living with even less.

My 70 litre pack holds quite a bit, however I decided to pack my mask, fins and snorkel as well. The fins take up about one third of the space in my pack. They’re pretty big. This just means I have to pack less than I had originally thought. So, Let’s take a look at what I managed to squeeze in.

We have:
The backpack -Kind of a key part in this whole thing.
The dive gear– Not necessary to take, but how can I resist diving in New Zealand?
A Journal- Again, not necessary. That’s what this blog is for, right? Wrong. I have decided to do a travel yearbook type journal, but without photos. I hope to get others I meet and have experiences with along this trip to sign this book. I can then read the perspective of others on what they thought of our time together.
 The Handy Dandy First Aid Kit– I’m a bit of a klutz so this guy is definitely needed. Good thing I have some first aid under my belt as well. It’s often useful to know how to use the supplies you’re provided with. However I hope everyone knows how to apply a band-aid.
Shoes– Hiking shoes, everyday sneakers, and flip flops (maybe I should be more Kiwi and call them “jandals” now).
Knick-knacks– We have a little baggy of items such as a Swiss Army Knife, plug adapter,  travel clock, a Petzl light, and a whistle/compass/match case/flint/signal mirror. Very nifty items.
Clothes– DEFINITELY necessary-unless you’re a nudist of course, which I am not. Clothing articles are divided up, rolled then put into Ziploc bags which have the air all pressed out of them. Makes for much easier packing. Our bag categories are: Shorts (2 sporty, 2 jean), pants (1 dress pant, 1 denim, 1 sweat), tanks (lots), shirts (a couple for those days out in town), swim gear (for hiking mountains. Not), and the sock and underwear bag (enough for 2 weeks).
Bed Sheet– Some hostels ask that you provide your own bed sheet.
Toiletries Bag– mini toothpastes are great. I left behind shampoo and soap, I’ll pick those up in New Zealand. I don’t want to have to worry about leaks.
Camera and Laptop– The black bag there is my carry on and “carry everywhere I go” bag. It is home to my camera and my laptop.
Food– Air plane treats. It’s a long flight!

I didn’t include my passport and money in this photo, however they are obviously coming with me!!

I squeezed in a couple other items such as Canada keychains and other small items. Voila! It’s all in the bag, set and ready to go for my flight in 16 hours. I suppose with everything all packed up now I should hit the hay. Last night in my own bed for a while, so I have to take advantage of it! I’m now all set and ready for take off.

New Zealand, you better be prepared because soon Lauren will be there!

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