Blast Off, Baby. Blast Off.

Well, I am now flying over Vancouver. It’s quite an incredible sight, the little orange dots of light below me seem to go on forever. There are a lot of clouds though, so it’s an on and off view. When I turn and look out the window to  my left I just see darkness, the night sky surrounds the plane. Out the right window however, is the most beautiful sunset. I have never seen such a deep red in the sky. We are above the clouds, so the sunset goes straight across the horizon, as far as the eye can see. It’s really quite beautiful.

I woke up this morning, apparently not early enough. I still have a few items scattered across my room. Everything was supposed to be in the basement, but I tend to procrastinate. Well left the house, and I said my goodbyes to the dogs and the town. I feel the need to take a train today, as I took a ferry to Vancouver, then drove to the airport, and now I am flying through the sky. A train seems to be all that is left… and a submarine, but that’s a bit of a stretch.

My whole family came for the ride to drop me at the airport. We stopped for lunch at East Side Mario’s, my favourite restaurant. The food was delicious and filling. The waitress even brought be a dessert “on the house” as she knew it was my last meal in Canada for the year. It was delicious. I should tell people more often that I’m leaving!

I had to hurry through the airport to make my flight on time, even still I almost missed it! I said goodbye to my family and yes, I did cry. I scurried along to check my baggage and go through security. I always get stressed out that they will stop to search me, so of course they did. I had to go stand in the giant body x-ray machine they have all set up. I felt very uncomfortable standing in front of so many people hands stretched up above my head and feet a little more than shoulder width apart. They then swabbed my bag to check for explosives. I was then permitted to move on to customs.

The line for customs was stressfully long and slow moving. The girl in front of me in line is on this flight as well, neither of us were sure if we’d make it. Once through customs I had to run to my gate, making it just in time for boarding call. Would have been a terrible start to this adventure had I missed my flight.

Well, the attendants are coming around with snacks, and I sure am hungry! I’ll write again on my connecting flight to Auckland!


Wow, the stars have never looked as big and beautiful as they do right now. I feel like I am flying through outer space, this is probably the closest I will ever come.

The rest of my flight to LA went smoothly, I watched a movie and chatted with the man sitting beside me. I’m glad to have sat beside someone so friendly, I was all worried I might get stuck beside someone smelly. He was on his was to Los Angeles for a bit before heading to Hawaii, then Australia where he is planning to work for a year. Maybe I should have taken a trip to Hawaii first- split up my flight time. It was neat to end up sitting beside someone I could relate with. Of all the reasons people have for travelling places, I ended up by someone who was going at life the same way I am right now, although he was 10 years older. I guess I just have an early start. Or he just has a late one. We went out separate ways upon arrival in LA, not before exchanging names for Facebook though. He had been considering visiting New Zealand during his travels, who knows, maybe we’ll end up running into each other again.

I am now about six hours into my flight from Los Angeles. Still another six and  half hours to Auckland. I have already watched a movie and napped. I was getting kinks in my neck though so I just woke up. There is a huge selection of movies on this plane. I had a choice of 13 movies of just the comedy genre, I suppose with a flight this long though you need a lot of options to keep you entertained.

Landing and departing LA was breathtaking. I thought the Vancouver city lights went on forever, they have nothing on LA’s lights. I have never even seen a city so huge. It was very impressive. No matter who’s window I looked out of, there were lights spreading as far as the eye could see. The stars light the path from above, and the cities light the way from below.

I keep turning to look out my window, but every time I do the little light at the end of the wing just glares at me. When we first took off I thought it was lights from another plane headed straight at us, it’s situated directly across from me, I thought I was going to die. I had to laugh when I realized it was just the wing light.

I wish I was more tired than I am, it would be nice to sleep through the flight as it is too dark out to see much anyways. Also, we’re just flying over the open ocean, there isn’t much to see.  I’m trying to be patient but I really just want to get off  the plane and get out exploring! Assuming I make it through NZ Customs and don’t get deported. That would be brutal. I just have to finish filling out my Custom’s form. Some parts confuse me a bit, like the part where it asks for my flight Number and plane, well, I’m on flight number 5 but nowhere on my ticket does it give me the plane info. I also had to check ‘yes’ in the boxes asking if I am bringing dive gear and shoes that have been worn outside. The dive stuff hasn’t been used yet though, and shoes are obviously going to be worn outside, so I hope they let me through. I’m sure they get that all the time. I also had to check ‘yes’ to bringing food into the country. It was either that or I can throw the food out upon arrival, but I can’t toss out perfectly good Nibs!

I need to use the washroom, but I have the window seat and the people beside me are both sleeping. i don’t want to wake them. Maybe I’ll just try to sleep some more and when I wake up, then I’ll be able to go! Hopefully they won’t sleep too much longer.

The lady behind me is sleeping with her feet tucked up between my seat and the wall. I really don’t like feet, at all. I got past it and just ignored them because I couldn’t do anything about it, and they weren’t touching me, at first. She just started rubbing my elbow with her toes. I thought I was going to be sick. Like I said, I REALLY don’t like feet.

I suppose that is a big enough speal for now. I will add another part once I have arrived in New Zealand and am all settled in!


Brilliant! A bucket of candy was just brought around to everyone on the plane since we missed Halloween. It made me happy. Just a few more hours to Auckland now.


Wow, what a great breakfast. Just sitting in a little café in Auckland. I just finished some eggs and toast, it was wonderful. I have some time to kill as I cannot check into my hostel umtil later this afternoon.

OH LOOK! A little birdy just came hopping through the cafe. He walked around under the tables picking up crumbs. Everyone else just looked at it as if it was totally normal. The bird then flew off out the door, he didn’t have any trouble finding the ext. I wonder if that is a common thing around here?

Well, upon arriving at the Auckland airport, I had to get my sneakers scrubbed as they had dirt on them. They were taken into the Biohazard room and scrubbed down. Apart from that I had no issues. I caught the bus into the city, I was the only passenger. The bus driver was extremely nice and chatted about how to get around and where to go. He also told me to be very careful because apparently there was a backpacker my age from Germany who was murdered a couple years ago. Hopefully I can find others to travel with soon!

New Zealand is beautiful and I will write more soon. My laptop battery is about to die and I have more exploring to do!

*Sorry, I fixed the errors on the last post and am reposting it now.*

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