24 Hour Friendships

Here’s somthing I didn’t factor into my trip. Friendship. I have always been one of those people that makes friends and goes to the end of the world and back to keep in touch with them. I just like keeping in contact with those who have made a positive impact on my life. It’ll take some getting used to, but here on this adventure there will be a lot of people who impact my life immensly, but whom I may never hear from again after a day.

Upon arrival in my hostel I became friends with one of the guys from my room, Manolo. He’s 24 and from Uruguay, we were in the same room for two nights. We chatted some and went exploring town. He is at the end of his trip and just left to catch a plane out of here. On our walk we talked and joked, I helped him with his English and he tried to teach me some Spanish, it didn’t work so well. We didn’t have any plans, we just wandered, going into stores that looked fun and chatting about ourselves.

The part that I will remember most was the fish market. As we were strolling along (I taught him the word “stroll”), we came across a big bin of snow. It was just sitting in there behind the fish market. I talked about the snow in Canada, and talked about building snowmen. He had never done this. He had touched his first snow just a couple days prior as he was driving through the mountains. We backtracked and went to make a snowman. The snow turned out to be more of a crushed ice, so our snowman was just a wee little guy, standing just six inches tall.  We laughed a lot then I made a snowball and threw it at my new friend. We got into a big fight and laughed a lot. It was very memorable and a great way to start my trip, even if we did both reek of fish afterwards. I was worried I would be lonely here on my own, but there are so many others doing the same thing I am so there are always people around to talk to.

Manolo just left and we hugged goodbye, we didn’t exhange emails or numbers or anything. It’s a 24 hour friendship. Maybe someday we’ll meet again and we can say to each other “remember that time in Auckland…”. It was a very interesting experience, and I know it will happen much more, I’ll just have to adjust to it.

I’m off for the day. Soon I will post more about my trip and Auckland itself!

One thought on “24 Hour Friendships

  • A real lesson, Lauren. There are seasons to friendships and knowing when to let them go and just be a warm memory can be hard and can take a long time to do, although there are people for whom it seems quite easy, to my wonderment.

    Anne Morrow Lindbergh has a quote that I think is quite true: “I have come to believe that you can get along without anyone — that is, without the close contact of any one person. That is a terrible shock to me, but I think it is true. You do need companionship, but wherever you go, in whatever new environment, you will find people who, to a large degree, take the place of those you left…The intimate companionship goes, I think, when you leave a friend, but friendship stays. It is an inherent possibility of relationship that, once admitted — well, there it is.”

    And the real friendships will pick up where you left off, even after many years and little contact. Although, lack of contact is not something you will probably experience out of necessity as, these days, you can be in contact as much as you like immediately, no letter writing and waiting, like in the olden days. But time and events can still get in the way of intimate friendship, so knowing when to persist and when to let go, how to hold a friendship well but lightly, can be a challenge.

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