Reminiscing On The Good Times

Two and a half years ago today
I packed my bags and went away.
To see the world beyond the snow.
It was hard to decide where first to go.

New Zealand was first in all its glory.
Every turn I took held a new story.

Through mountains and forests
By seasides so blue.
Adventures continued to unravel
With many friends new.

A day trip to Piha with 2 Kiwis
I’d just met
Turned out to be a brilliant day
Trusting strangers was a good bet!

A skydive and a bungy
A trip through glow worm caves
These are the adventures
I had always craved.

From Auckland down to Wellington
I drove Little Red.
From Wellington to Queenstown
The car was often our bed.

Audrey, Evan, and I,
Us Canadians three
Learned a valuable lesson
That in life only the birds song is free.

Becky, Audrey and I rented
Cabin Twenty-Two
Where we had many 3AM visitors
Turn up out of the blue.

Six cold months in Queenstown went by
So very fast
As we all left for new journeys
We knew our friendships would last.

With Audrey and Rob,
Back up North I did go.
We hiked an incredible hike
Over an active volcano.

After many nights of drinking
And coming home late
I packed up for Australia
To start with a clean slate.

I admired the Opera House
from Sydney’s Circular Quay,
As I boarded my little ferry and inhaled
The fresh and salty sea.

At Balmain the parties
Raged on all night
And through many shenanigans the room 3A girls
Grew tight.

After many months of moose on the loose
And computer screens on my bed
It was off to the outback
With new adventures to be had.

I wasn’t in Clermont long before
I made it to the pub
Where I met a cowboy with a lasso
And with him I fell in love.

I learned to ride a horse

And round up all the cattle.
But learning to talk like an Australian
Is an ongoing battle.

From rodeos to races
And over many cans of XXXX Gold
I have met many wonderful people
And heard many great stories told.

I had an Emu chick named Edward
I have stabbed a few pigs in the heart.
During the drought I went droving
To try and do my part.

I went and dove the Great Barrier Reef
On a dive trip with my brother
It was an incredible dive trip
I can’t wait to do another!

I’m now in Western Australia
On Yougawalla Station.
Teaching kids their school work
Is teaching me to be more patient.

A chopper ride from here to there
Is just an average day.
And here at Yougawalla I have
850, 000 acres on which to play.

Two and a half years ago I left home
To see the world
I never could have imagined it would go by
In such a Whirl.

Thanks so much to everyone
I have met along the way
also to those who supported me
I hope to see you all again someday!


4 thoughts on “Reminiscing On The Good Times

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