Botswana: Chobe on Water

After an early morning game drive through Chobe National Park, with a heart-stopping lion encounter, spirits were high at our campsite. We enjoyed what was left of our breakfast after a raid by a group of mongooses and took the afternoon to relax. Or relax as much as you can when there is a spitting cobra in your bathroom. Read more

Botswana: Chobe on Wheels

Botswana was the best country of the nine we visited for game viewing along the roads. As soon as we crossed the border into Botswana we started to see elephants everywhere, a few giraffes too. They were scattered along the sides of the highway, causing traffic to slow down and often come to a stop when the large mammals decided to cross the road. As most traffic kept puttering along, not phased by the elephant sightings which occur regularly for them, we stopped to take photos. The giants came right up to the edge of the highway, where we were parked. Our first close up encounter. Read more